May 2012  – Why a Depreciation Report really matters!

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“Glenn’s guidance…”

“Glenn’s guidance was an asset in 
my home inspection training. Glenn is a certified home inspector working in 
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senior home inspector through BCIPI.”
~ J. Dutour CHI (Certified Home Inspector)

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Welcome to “Love Your Home”

Well summer is on its way and I love taking long drives in the beautiful weather! I was thinking this month about how many people grossly neglect their home but keep their car in mint condition. In a way, your home is a lot like a car. Each system has a life span and over time the parts wear out, after which time they need to be replaced. So be sure to give your home at least as much love and attention as your car!


ps. If you value your money, you will want to read this month’s article on the value of depreciation reports. “ARE YOU WASTING MONEY?! – Depreciation Report.2”

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Money House ARE YOU WASTING MONEY?! Depreciation Report.2 

HOME OWNERS: Imagine seeing your hard earned cash unexpectedly being sunk into emergency home repairs! 


Without a report or thorough condition-check, you will not have the information required to properly plan and budget for necessary action to be taken that could avert a serious financial crisis. Pay a little now or a lot later…


 CaseStudyUncovering Tomorrow’s Surprises, TODAY!

Crawl Space

Some people are afraid to go into a crawl space but it’s a mistake to ignore it.

As I was recently crawling around in dark, muddy crawl space and it struck me why so many people and even other Inspectors try to just avoid them. However a crawl space is a very important element of any home. If ignored, it can hide damaging moisture, wood-rot and black mold. Not to mention becoming a den for unwelcome rodents and other “critters”.

The Glenn Duxbury Mentorship Program:
We offer professional guidance on launching a business and improving your skills in the home inspection industry!


The home inspection industry can be a very rewarding career path. However, as with any business, it’s helpful to be able to call on seasoned professionals for help and advice in the process.


We can guide you through all the steps required to become an accredited and licensed home inspector…


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Glenn Duxbury Mentorship Program


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