Building and Construction Issues

Preparing for your civil lawsuit or court litigation requires expert support

Court Action

Court action, also known as court litigation or a civil lawsuit, is most often a last resort for frustrated property owners, renters or managers for unresolved building and construction issues. By the time you need to resort to court action, you have likely tried to resolve the issue, unsuccessfully. To best prepare for your civil lawsuit or court litigation requires not only a good lawyer, but expert support.

Our Court Litigation preparation service is unbiased and normally conducted through your lawyer. To be well represented, our service provides the detailed information, such as Expert Witness reports, which you need to have presented in Court to the other parties, ahead of time. We provide the details and the report(s) in a thoroughly documented format to allow your lawyer to do the necessary work of building a strong case for you.

At Duxbury & Associates-Building Inspection and Consulting Ltd., (Duxbury & Associates) our professionals are highly-trained and detailed. We commit ourselves to delivering beyond our clients’ expectations. With our focused attention to detail, you can be sure we will provide your lawyer a professional and detailed report on the situation that will help you fight your case. It is our duty to thoroughly inspect the issue, document all our findings and provide your lawyer with the information needed, to assist the Court to understand your case.

Glenn Duxbury, at Duxbury & Associates is very experienced with working with Clients’ lawyers under such circumstances. Whether you are in-dispute over an issue for the first time or not, you can expect a superior level of customer satisfaction, as we work on your behalf as part of your “team” and produce a solid report that will help fight for your case. To find out more about how we can help you in your court action through our Court Litigation preparation services or our Expert Witness Services, please contact us today.