Duxbury & Associates-Building Inspection and Consulting Ltd. is centrally located in New Westminster and offers a new approach to home inspections. The level of service from a qualified home inspector varies widely across the profession, despite the existence of several home inspection certification bodies that award credentials and offer home inspector courses.
Quality is still only voluntary, not mandatory. Historically, three of the four recognized provincial home inspection associations have also not been connected to government agencies – only the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of British Columbia (ASTTBC) maintains this association and is the only such professional association.

For these reasons, we maintain transparency across all service offerings, so you can be confident your inspection will be very thorough and complete. Further, we only have YOUR best interest in mind at all times – no compromise…

Owner Glenn Duxbury resides in New Westminster and is granted the right to the licensed title Certified Home Inspector (ASTTBC-PI) by the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians ACT of B. C. No other home inspection association can make the same claim as that of an ASTTBC home inspector who is equal with other real estate professionals, being there is the Real Estate Act of B.C., the Financial Institutions Act of B.C., the Legal Societies Act of B.C., etc. It is for this reason such is the one and only home inspection group to which Glenn belongs. We are also licensed by Consumer Protection B.C.

We can consult with you at a fraction of the cost of a complete home inspection, long before you make an offer to purchase. As a home buyer, you can avoid significant additional costs during the home buying process and enjoy greater peace of mind while considering a new home. Homeowners and home sellers have benefitted greatly from our great attention-to-detail and extensive knowledge about homes and properties.

We’ve become well-known as “the Money-Saver” over the years.