Are you planning to have work done on your property but you aren’t sure about industry standards and best practices?  Do you have a dispute with another party or are worried about something in your home?  Through Investigation and Trouble-shooting a situation, Duxbury & Associates Building Inspection and Consulting Ltd. is here and able to answer your questions or walk you through the entire process.  With our experience and extensive knowledge, we can educate and empower you on the steps to take and inform you about the things you can’t afford not to know.

If you’re planning to have work done on your home or property, you need to ensure you’re making the safest and smartest choice.  Duxbury & Associates can provide detailed and unbiased advice on any project or problem.  Our knowledge of building construction allows our clients to rest easy when doing maintenance, heavy construction, renovations, etc. on their home or building.

Before you commit to any type of modification to your property, get an expert opinion from Duxbury & Associates.  We are committed to quality and customer service.  We always have your best interest at heart and your family’s safety and security in mind.

Deciphering Engineering Reports

In order to get a thorough evaluation on a property, hiring a professional engineer is often required. Read more…