SERVICE:   Home & Property Inspections

Feature: Education: We Educate You Before You Buy Your Home

Advantage: You become empowered with critical knowledge and you have a detailed report for what the property will require and in what priority.

Benefit: Gives you the required information that provides you with confidence and the power to make a wise decision to either renegotiate the offer to purchase or walk-away.

Feature: 20 Years of Experience

Advantage: Using our extensive experience – beyond just the ‘Tools of the Trade’, we have the knowledge and ability to see what’s really going on.

Benefit: Assurance and confidence for you it is what it really is and not just what it ‘appears’.  You will also know that you have hired the very best.

Feature: Detailed Written Report

Advantage: Accurate report of all the findings – plus numerous recommendations on (property) maintenance and improvements.

Benefit: You have a written record of what needs to be done to fix /replace aspects of the property, with priorities.

Feature: Strata Specialist (The ONLY)

Advantage: 30-plus years in dealing with Stratas and Condos, your Inspector really knowing the ins and outs of strata-titled properties – checking way beyond just the unit interior (Roof, Parkade, Service Rooms and the accessible exterior).

Benefit: Confidence in knowing you won’t be left wondering about what’s wrong with the common property issues outside of the Unit and what may be looming…

Feature: 1st Time Buyer Specialist

Advantage: As a 1st time Buyer – You will be given extensive detailed and educational information so you have a complete understanding of what it really takes to properly maintain the property.

Benefit: You will be secure in knowing you have the information you need to look after your best interest and your investment.

Feature:  We Also Check Appliances

Advantage:  Most other inspectors DO NOT provide this service – you will know the condition of any additional upcoming expenses, up-front.

Benefit: Know how close to replacement those costly items are, so you can budget accordingly.

Feature: Raving Testimonials

Advantage:  You have access to numerous testimonials which have been freely offered, to provide you with additional assurances.

Benefit: Another aspect of your buying experience that adds to your confidence in selecting your Inspector of choice.

Feature: We Check Attics and Crawl Spaces

Advantage: So many others just won’t/DO NOT

Benefit: You won’t have hidden surprises and won’t be angry/stressed at your Inspector as to why they didn’t go into those very important areas.

Feature: Personality

Advantage: You will be facing a very stressful experience and we will be softening that with good conversation in plain language and some humour added.

Benefit: Your experience won’t be so worrisome and stressful, after all – even if the property is just awful.

Feature: Friendly

Advantage: Added stress at this point in time; good to know you’ve got a friend – someone who cares.

Benefit: You will be able to de-stress and actually enjoy the experience!