Building Inspection Services and Consulting for Home Owners and Strata Management

Duxbury and Associates Building Inspection and Consulting Ltd. (Duxbury and Associates) provides more than home & building inspection services, we also provide consulting, quality-control, safety inspections and other expert advice and solutions to home owners, builders, renovators and strata management and administration.
Don’t worry about your home or property. Whether you’re wondering or anxious over maintenance, or lack thereof, you can benefit from having a specialist to oversee and assess the situation for peace-of-mind and quality assurance. Duxbury & Associates brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure that your property retains its integrity and value.

Our Homeowner and Strata Management /Co-Op Administration Consulting Services have helped in numerous cases and include the following:

  • Assessing and reporting findings and making recommendations based on the situation
  • Ensuring that work provided by contractors is consistent with contractual obligations and regulatory standards and is finished when so stated – before you pay
  • Monitoring work of others to ensure desired outcome and results
  • Assist with achieving corrective action, when required
  • Contributing to administration sessions, meetings and investigations – with the unbiased knowledge we can bring to the table
  • Conducting audits, quality reporting and reviews – to allow you to manage the property or project more effectively
  • Problem-solving issues that just don’t otherwise go-away

With the experience and knowledge that we bring to building inspection services, building and construction management, quality-control, and consulting, we provide the solutions and answers you need when you face uncertainty and /or a difficult challenge with your home, building or strata title property.

A small detail that is overlooked can become a dangerous and costly problem in the future. Duxbury & Associates building inspection services and consulting can help guarantee the end to a nagging issue and implementation of almost any task, from start to finish if needed, with the greatest of care and respect for your home or strata title property or complex.  Contact us today to discuss your issue.