Want To SAVE Lots of Money on Your Home Inspection?

Save Money On Your New Westminster Home InspectionOver the years, we’ve SAVED thousands of Clients many MILLIONS of dollars – by not over-charging and also by finding the things others miss or just don’t bother checking…

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Duxbury and Associates Building Inspection and Consulting provides professional home inspections throughout New Westminster, BC to save folks a lot of money. Our experienced and highly trained home inspectors will inspect all types of properties, from town houses to strata complexes. If you need New Westminster home inspections for any reason, we can help you.

What does a New Westminster Home Inspection include?

Home inspections are essential in diagnosing mysterious problems in your home. Our New Westminster home inspections include the structures of the house as well as its main systems (electrical, plumbing, and heating and cooling systems) to ensure that no problem goes unnoticed. If you are concerned about the safety of any aspect of your home, a professional home inspection can help to put your mind at ease and help you determine the best way to remedy any issues in your home.

Pre-Purchase Home Inspections

Are you looking to buy a new home? A pre-purchase home inspection can help you avoid investing in a problematic and costly home. Our inspectors will walk through your potential new home, point out any potential problems to you, and advise you on what repairs might be necessary as well as their cost. A house that appears to be in good condition can be full of problems that are only obvious to an experienced home inspector.

Pre-Listing Home Inspections

When selling a home in New Westminster, a pre-listing home inspection can help you sell your home. Our inspectors will walk through your property and provide you with a detailed report that highlights any urgent problems as well as potential issues that might be of concern to buyers. With this knowledge, you can address the problems and improve the state of your home to increase your property value, and you can offer buyers an accurate assessment of your property which will help you sell your home faster.

Our New Westminster home inspectors are committed to providing detailed assessments of your property that will help to keep you safe. View our raving testimonials.

Whether you need a pre-purchase, pre-sale, or other type of home inspection, we’re on your side. If you need a home inspection in New Westminster, contact us today.