July 2012 – Who is watching your contractor?

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What Our Clients Say…
Who is Watching
Your Contractor?
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Whoa, I’m NOT Buying That!
Pre-Renovation Inspection

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Quick Tip

Holiday House-Sitter!

“When you go away for a few weeks, ask a trusted friend or neighbour to check on your home!”

Many people remember to ask a friend to pick up the mail and water the plants. However, it’s also extremely important to ask them to do a quick walk-thru of your entire home.

An unexpected emergency event like
a burst pipe or a natural gas leak can lead to catastrophic damages and an awful surprise when you get home!

When an emergency happens, every moment counts…

Our Customers Say...
What Our
Clients Say…

“critical information you’ve shared…”
“I very much appreciate the quality of your assessment, the detail you’ve provided and all the critical information you’ve shared with me!
I will certainly keep your name and contact info on-hand and call you once again!”

~ S. Cowan

Welcome to “Love Your Home”

I hope you’re all enjoying a fantastic summer! I’ve been out networking at professional conferences, in my ongoing quest to stay on top of industry trends and best practices.

Have you ever thought about turning your humble abode into a dream home? Renovations can be a great experience, a nearly magical transformation of your home. However, they can also be a big headache if you hire the wrong contractor and are unable to keep an eye on daily progress.

For professional tips on ensuring you are getting what you’re paying for!
Check out a case study on a condo complex which failed my inspection big time!


VIDEO: Selecting a Professional Home Inspector
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Uncovering tomorrow’s surprises, TODAY!

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Who is watching
your contractor?

“When you’re paying for professional work on a home renovation you deserve high quality work and a timely turnaround…
So, how can you ensure
you are getting what you
are paying for?”



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Uncovering Tomorrow’s
Surprises, TODAY!


Whoa, I’m not buying that!

When you purchase a condo you are not just buying the unit. You are in fact, investing in the entire common property, with all its flaws. Many home buyers…

Pre-Renovation Inspections:There is no point spending good money on a
major renovation without knowing the state of the fundamentals
of the building.” ~ GD

Pre Reno Inspection - Read the full article

Glenn was featured in the BCRenovations.ca magazine. Read the full article:
Why it pays to inspect
before a Reno.The Inspection: We will check all the major systems:
Roof; Heating; Insulation; Structure; A/C; Interior; Electrical;
Plumbing; and Exterior.

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