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Service Life of Household Systems   

July 2011

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How long does a Home Inspection take?
Condition Check Inspections


Quick Tip
Waterproof Your Bathroom 

Glenn DuxburyBathrooms are one of the major potential wet area in a home and it is important that the bathroom is correctly waterproofed in order to reduce the risk of mould and damage occurring as a result of dampness, water leaks, or condensation.

Start by checking the existing caulking around your tub or shower. How’s it look? If in doubt replace it.

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Welcome to “Love Your Home”

Thank you to those taking the time to complete the recent survey. I am grateful for the feedback and will be using the findings in my upcoming newsletters. Some of the top requests were: Condos/Strata – Potential Leaks in Building Envelope (Roof, outer walls) and for detached home – Remaining life of major systems. Click for a summary of the results. And WINNERS of the two $100 Home Depot Gift Cards were: Donna Barker and Francis Tsui. Once again thank you to all!

Included this month, as requested from the survey interest, ‘Service Life Expectancy of Household Systems‘… Although they will vary depending on make and use I have provided below an article on what you can typically expect.

Each month I share my experiences of home inspections through case studies, tips, what to look for, and preventative maintenance to save you the buyer, seller, homeowner or property manager, time and money.
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Sincerely, Glenn

Glenn Duxbury & Associates
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Uncovering tomorrow’s surprises, TODAY! 


Service Life - Read full articleService Life of Household Systems

In case you are wondering just how long things will run or last at your home, here’s what the experts say about the life expectancy of some products…

  • A wood deck should last 15 years
  • An asphalt driveway 10-12 years
  • A wood fence 12 years or so
  • With gas furnaces, a central unit should last for 20 years while a sealed window unit will last only 10
  • A typical roof lasts up to 20 years
  • Window systems last 20-25 years
  • Exterior siding can last 35-45 years, while stucco may only last 15-20

Wondering about your washer/dryer, range, flooring and more… Read on.

Testimonials: “…we have peace of mind…

We had Glenn do an inspection of our home simply because we have lived in it 20 years and wanted to know that all was OK. He and an assistant spent 5 hours going through everything. He found gas leaks, a sub-standard structural beam , and some electrical faults. All have now been fixed and we have peace of mind. Highly recommend this company. ~ Steve Kurrein

Uncovering Tomorrow’s Surprises, TODAY!

CASE STUDY – Cedar Roof Restoration gone BAD…
Read the CASE STUDYRecently, we were asked to review the work done on a Surrey home – cedar roof restoration. The clients were concerned over considerable debris left behind in the gutters by this work and wanted that documented, in order to ensure this aspect was dealt with before the contractor left the site.

While reviewing that issue and looking over the rest of what had been done (deteriorated wood roof shakes replaced, metal shims added, roof ridge caps replaced, apply wood-preservative treatment, debris removed and gutters cleaned), we documented a shocking collection of many other issues left undone and /or so poorly done, the intended “10-year” extension of the cedar roof’s service life just could NOT be assured – despite that particular expectation and large payment made by the Clients… Read the full case study to view pictures and lessons learned.

How long does a Home Inspection take?

A professional home inspection usually takes between three and four hours, minimum, depending on the size, age, complexity and condition of the home. We always allow up to half a working day, to ensure thoroughness and adequate time for questions and consultation.

‘Condition Check’ Inspection

Customer Service #1Have you been living in your home longer than five years?
When was your last inspection?

Major systems in your home need repair and replacement over time. Take away any unpleasant surprises and be able to plan and budget for upcoming expenditures. We’ll let you know:

  • What needs immediate repair or replacement
  • What it may cost
  • Estimate remaining life span of major systems

The Inspection – We will check all the major systems: Roof; Heating; Insulation; Structure; A/C; Interior; Electrical; Plumbing; and Exterior.