December 2014:
Renovations Pitfalls: A Fixer-Upper or a Tear-Downer?
This month we focus on the pros and cons of buying fixer-upper or investment properties. What should you consider before taking on a home that needs major renovations? Read our latest article: Renovations Pitfalls: A Fixer-Upper or a Tear-Downer?



Providing protection, security and especially Peace-of-Mind. It’s what everyone wants; it’s what we always deliver… Let us do all the “heavy-lifting” so you can be mindful of your current situation.


D-I-Y Renovations


Renovations Pitfalls:



A Fixer-Upper or a Tear-Downer?




The Pros

/ Cons of Home Renovation




PROFIT: The number-one incentive for buying a fixer upper is the potential for a higher profit. If you purchase a home well below market value, fix it up and then sell or rent it, you’ve created instant equity in the home…




Investment Property

Investment Property: 
To Buy or Not to Buy?


Our team was recently called out to inspect an old, run down House in Burnaby. Our client was hoping to create some passive income by renting this 3brm home and adding a Suite with 3 additional bedrooms, for the next 2-5 years…

Home Safety – Condition Check: 
We will identify danger zones and urgently required repairs!

Not Concerned About Home Safety?
 Then have a look at the photos above. A past client hired us to do condition check on his home. We warned him “DO NOT USE THE BACK DECK UNTIL REPLACED”. Unfortunately, he did not heed the warning and the deck completely collapsed under him. He landed on a pile of sharp debris and their son’s bicycle, causing him serious injury and pain.

The time to act is NOW… do repairs early before they become a major disaster and much more costly. If your home is getting older or showing signs of wear and tear, do not delay in scheduling a “Safety Inspection” by a professional Home Inspector, like us!


Our Customers Say...

What Our Clients Say…



“An Educating and Fun Experience”





“I remember how we stuck around during your last inspection of our current home and asked you a bunch of questions. Your walk-through and explanations made it a very educating and fun experience, Glenn. Thanks so much and we look forward to learning lots more at our next purchase!” ~.Shashank H.



Check Your Roof

Quick Tip:


Check Your Roof!


People who live here in the Lower Mainland know rain can really put your roof to the test. Don’t wait until it’s raining into your living room or kitchen and you’re facing huge repair bills for water damage. If your roof is not so new, have it checked right away for peace-of-mind. 
If your roof needs replacing – make sure the job is done correctly – BEFORE you pay for it (we can also verify it is done right)!
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