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October 2016

October is Fire-Safety Month


We hope you’ve been enjoying a beautiful Autumn! This month we wanted to share some vital information on how hidden mold in your home can damage your health. A wet climate, such as the one we have in the lower mainland, is the perfect breeding ground for mold to creep into our attics and walls.

October is also Fire-Safety month so please review our handy tip sheet on fire and carbon monoxide hazards which you may not be aware of.


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How does MOLD affect Air Quality & Your Health?

Mold spores are floating in the air around us all the time, just looking for some damp organic material to grow on. Excessive mold in your home can affect the quality of the air you breathe and your overall health...

October is Fire Safety Month

October is Fire-Safety Month 

Are you “Fire-Prevention” savvy? Be aware also of the potential for Carbon Monoxide poisoning. During the winter months, the Canadian Red Cross…

Construction Litigation: 
Have you had a bad experience with a builder and /or renovation contractor and cannot resolve it? Duxbury & Associates is an expert resource for you, making the litigation process simpler and easier for you and your lawyer, going to court on your behalf as an expert witness.

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“it’s worth every dollar”

“We were introduced to Glenn by an industry expert. Since then, we have utilized Glenn’s home inspection expertise on several occasions for both pre- and post-purchases of our residences. Each time, Glenn has provided the same high level of service: Professional, courteous, thorough and accurate. His reports go above and beyond a simple one-page description of what is wrong. Glenn’s reports are multi-paged reports on what is good and what needs work, along with recommendations on how to fix it. If you are planning to buy a property (house, apartment, condo, etc.), consider calling Glenn… it’s worth every dollar.” ~ Armin Layegh