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October 2014 – How Much should a Home Inspection Cost?

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How Much should a Home Inspection Cost?
CASE STUDY: What Happened to a Condo Buyer who SKIPPED on the Home Inspection?
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How Waterproof is your ROOF?


With long rainy winters it’s critical to have a home which truly shelters you from the elements. A leaking roof can be a very stressful situation. Imagine your home ruined and your belongings badly damaged
Get a Condition Check
The time to do a condition check on your roof is “before it too late”.
Also, if you’ve had your roof recently repaired, or a brand new roof installed, be sure to hire a Certified Inspector like us to make sure it was installed correctly and will not leak or need replacing sooner than it should.
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This month we focus on the cost of a home inspection and its comparable value to you. Did you know that the typical cost of a home inspection is less than 1-2% of the cost of the property? It’s such a small price to pay for your comfort and peace of mind.
Uncovering tomorrow’s surprises, TODAY!


The Team of Home and Building Specialists

Providing protection, security and especially Peace-of-Mind. It’s what everyone wants; it’s what we always deliver… Let us do all the “heavy-lifting” so you can be mindful of your situation.

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Uncovering Tomorrow’s Surprises, TODAY!


How Much should a Home Inspection Cost?
This is unfortunately so often the first question prospective home buyers ask a home inspector. (Asking the inspector about their qualifications, experience, what’s in it for YOU, what WON’T they be checking…



What happened to a Condo Buyer who SKIPPED on the Home Inspection?

In my many years as a professional home inspector, I’ve often come across short-sighted home buyers who think that skipping the home inspection is a good way to “save some dollars”. I’ve also seen the devastating results of this mindset. It is truly a dangerous gamble….


REALTORS – Wondering Why Your Listing Still has Not Sold? 

Find out why with our “Walk-Through Consultation!”


Get a Sellers Inspection!

When you are STAGING a home to sell, or SHOWING one for the first time, it’s easy to overlook potential “deal-killers” because you may be experiencing it and being so used to it, only a fresh and experienced pair of eyes will catch what may be turning off Buyers.
Our Team of specialists really understand the great importance of “pleasing all the senses”.
For example”
– The Sight of unsightly elements or signs of neglect 
– The Sound of dripping water and /or noisy mechanical equipment. 

– The Smell of oily rags in the basement or a gas-leak.


Duxbury and Associates are experts who can quickly get to the bottom of why your property has not sold. We will investigate the problem and recommend solutions.


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What Our Raving Fans Say…
“An Educating and Fun Experience 
(Not Stress-Filled or Anxious)
Our Customers Say...


“I remember how we stuck around during your last inspection of our current home and asked you a bunch of questions. Your walk-through and explanations made it a very educating and fun experience, Glenn. Thanks so much and we look forward to learning lots more at our next purchase!” ~ Shashank H.

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