Dear readers,
I know this is a time to be giving and grateful and I most certainly have a lot to be grateful for this year, as in the past. Both personally and professionally, many of you have touched my life in many ways in 2013. Whether it was learning together at Make Your Mark (Thank-you, Colin), learning even better business techniques (Thank-you, Donna), or spending time together sharing a nice glass of wine… Everyone who receives this newsletter has touched my life for the better. I hope I’ve done the same for you as well. Want to know the highlights?


The Big 10 Events in 2013:1) Our Son moved out on his own (actually with 1-2 others in a shared rental property).

2) Had to re-locate my office space (outgrew it, which is a nice problem to have).

3) Father-in-law turned 90… which is pretty awesome when you think about it.4) We continue to put BIG smiles on the faces of our Clients – replaces the worry lines, confusion and anxiety they started with; that makes me smile, also and reminds me what a difference we make to improve the lives we are in-contact with.

5) Have just hired an administrative Assistant (An army of one [1] can only do so much).
6) Had the pleasure to really bond with my Mother-in-law (stayed with us for 2 months).
7) Was called the “West Coast Mike Holmes” more than once; I truly hope our past Clients appreciate and understand how much we cared for them – just like family and close friends – which was the vision I had when the business started back in 2002!

8) Earned my designation as one of only five (5) Mechanical Insulation Inspectors in B.C.9) Media exposure continued to grow and grow (bring it on)!

10) Continue to grow my hand-picked team (Thanks, Peter, for your continued support to this point).
Before I sign off with a final “Merry Christmas”
Again, Happy Holidays, Season’s Greetings, Merry Christmas
and all my warm-felt gratitude for your care, guidance and
support over the years, both personally and professionally.