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March 2017

We hope life has been treating you well since we last connected. It certainly has been a cold winter, with much more snow than usual. This month, we’re sharing some insights on some of the pitfalls of condo living and what to look out for before you buy. We hope you find the information helpful. Feel free to pass this newsletter onto friends, co-workers and family as well; we’d really appreciate it. Check out our latest articles and informative shared tips below.

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Providing protection, security and especially Peace-of-Mind. It’s what everyone wants; it’s what we always deliver… Let us do all the “heavy-lifting” so you can be mindful of your current situation.

Why Duxbury & Associates?
Are you nervous about buying your first home? It’s very natural to feel unsure when making such a huge investment. Many thanks to M. Hobbes for this very thoughtful video describing her experience with us.
Be aware! Condo living may be noisy, says Condo Expert.
Moving into a new Condo (or new to you) may be exciting but you may find unexpected problems, a warning from your concerned Home Inspector and Building Consultant…
Preserving Your Sanity
All you need to do is spend just one (1) night trying to sleep in your new home and – “Oh my”! Then being new to Condo living, we’ve had not just one (1), but two (2) miserable Condo owners call us, expressing extreme Buyers’ remorse, recently
Home Safety – Condition Check: 
We will identify danger zones and urgently required repairs!

Not Concerned About Home Safety?
Then have a look at the photos above. A past client hired us to do Condition-Check on his home. We warned him “DO NOT USE THE BACK DECK UNTIL REPLACED”, after noting the deck structure was rotten. Unfortunately, he did not heed the warning and the deck completely collapsed under him, when he was exiting by the rear door in a big hurry. He landed on a pile of sharp debris and their son’s bicycle, causing him serious injury and severe pain.

The time to act is NOW… do repairs early – before they become a major disaster and much more costly. If your home is getting older and/or showing signs of wear and tear, do not delay in scheduling a “Safety Inspection” by a true professional, who has YOUR best interest in mind!

Our Customers Say...

What Our Clients Say… “peace of mind”

“We have had three home inspections done by Glenn Duxbury over the years and wouldn’t use anyone else… He is impeccably thorough and doesn’t miss anything, giving us peace of mind that we know exactly what we are getting into when purchasing a home. Always punctual and courteous and a pleasure to work with; thank-you Glenn Duxbury, we can’t recommend your services enough!


~ Beth & William