Ask the Inspector: Representing a client’s best interests

We recently received a phone call about a condo renovation underway in Burnaby, from a woman who was extremely upset about the state of the condo she had purchased.

When their renovation contractor removed the cabinets and backsplash on the outside wall of the kitchen, they were horrified to discover there was nothing between the drywall and stucco – no insulation, no vapour barrier.

An example of mold living behind drywall.

What was found instead was black mold and rusty steel wall studs (building envelope assembly).  There had obviously been ongoing leakage from the outside for a considerable time to cause so much damage.  The previous owners did not disclose this latent defect and may not have even been aware of it.  The woman is now also suffering health issues, caused by exposure to the mold.

The woman’s daughter went to a strata meeting and was given 10 minutes to state her case.  The council listened to her story and said they’d get back to her.  After weeks of waiting, the only response she received was a roaring silence.

I immediately advised her to get a lawyer involved and pointed out that I could recommend several litigation lawyers if she didn’t have her own.

They were absolutely stuck – they couldn’t move into their new home, although they sure needed to, as they had sold their previous home and were now renting. They felt completely dismissed by that strata administration who forced them to wait week after week, without coming up with any kind of plan to address this serious situation.

After we spoke, her relief in finding someone who was willing to listen and able to help her was very obvious – even over the phone!

This is another good example of us turning worry-lines into a SMILE!

I reviewed the situation and everything pointed to yet another leaky-condo situation. I then authored a heavy-hitting report on the subject, which was able to empower her and her daughter when it came to fighting this unfortunate situation.

I also advised them that I could represent them in court, if needed, as an expert witness going forward.

If you are dealing with a situation where you feel like you are being taken advantage of or treated unfairly when it comes to your home, you can avoid instances like this by contacting Glenn at Duxbury & Associates for any home inspection or consulting needs!

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