Home Builders in Vancouver: Avoiding Warranty Claims with Glenn’s Expertise

Warranty Claims: Causes & Here is a Solution

Avoiding Time-wasting Warranty Claims:

  • Given all new homes built carry mandatory #warranty coverage, Builders can sometimes be seen as targets (even sitting ducks) for even frivolous Claims – even the best, caring ones
  • Any home-buyer can make a claim, without knowing the difference between cosmetic and what is actually covered
  • 1 way to avoid such, is to always build a perfect home – completely free of any defect or omission, but that may not be possible
  • Another, better way to avoid such a potential headache is to hire Glenn to go-through each new home constructed – before it is marketed – to ensure no such headache
  • Glenn is a well-known #warranty Expert & can help You, or the home-buyer
  • A home being sold as problem-free can command a higher price, also !

Takeaways from the 2023 Builders Show:
The importance of third party quality assurance

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