Safety in the home and workplace from your Home Inspector

Safety in the home and workplace.
Safety in the home and workplace is very important to prevent accidents and  be prepared to help, if an accident occurs. Taking First Aid training gives useful information, especially if there are children, or the elderly, around, for safety as well as emergency care. For minor injuries, use your knowledge and First Aid Kit and, for serious injuries, of course call 9-1-1 and do what you can until help arrives.

Red Plastic First Aid Kit Box Isolated on White Background.“A little preparation can help make the difference between a real emergency and a minor problem.

Glenn Duxbury has taken his St John First Aid course, so you can feel safer when Glenn is on site, just in case ….. or one of his Team.
FYI – September 12th was World First Aid Day – a timely reminder to take or update a First Aid Training Course.
Stats show that only about 1/3 of folks are prepared to perform CPR, on someone who has collapsed. Fear of contamination from “mouth to mouth” and other myths prevents many people from starting CPR, BUT, “mouth-to mouth” is no longer necessary, only chest compressions. Your First Aid course will show you how and 9-1-1 operators can guide you, as well.
With Summer almost over, people are still barbequing, camping and vacationing using propane as a fuel. Be aware propane is a colourless gas. A strong smell is added so you can detect a leak by a strong, distinct odour like rotten eggs or boiling cabbage.
If you suspect a leak, turn off the supply of propane at the cylinder, do not light your grill or stove and leave the area immediately. Do not turn light switches or flashlights on or off, or operate cell phones. Once you are well away from the hazard area, phone your service supplier.
Another safety hazard during warm weather is leaving windows open without child supervision or protection. Remember screens are meant to keep bugs out and NOT CHILDREN IN. Too many children have been injured or killed from falling through screens and /or open windows. See our blog on Window Safety.


For some Canadians, mowing the lawn is often a pleasant Summer activity… the fresh sunny air, the aroma of fresh cut grass and the satisfaction of getting a chore “done” with a side helping of exercise. This all remains true, if safety precautions are taken and safety measures are in place, like closed toe shoes, safe distances, awareness of surroundings and so on.


Too many have suffered needlessly over a split- second miscalculation while using a lawn mower or weedeater.
Lacerations and amputations account for most of the injuries involving lawn maintenance, according to data collected by Canadian Hospitals Injury Reporting and Prevention Program (CHIRPP). Overall, the most common injuries involved someone slipping feet under a mower. Lawn mower and line-trimmer injuries are preventable.

BE SAFE! Be aware and alert in all areas.




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