Building & Home Safety Inspection Services

Safety Inspection ServicesWe provide comprehensive building & home safety inspection services and quality- control services that clearly identify issues, along with our recommended solutions. Whether you rent, own or manage properties, or are part of a strata title property or co-op complex, you need to ensure your building and /or home is safe. With an expert inspection report in hand, you will feel confident that the building /home is safer and that you know what needs to be done to make & keep it a safe space.

It is best practice to confirm the home or building environment is safe – rather than to just assume it is – and we can help to assure you and the property owner or manager of the property, of a safe environment, and /or what needs to be done to make it safe.

A small item that is overlooked can become a dangerous and costly problem in the future. Through our building safety inspection services, Duxbury & Associates can help ensure the effective correction of any unsafe issue needing attention. Contact us today to discuss your worry or concern.