Your Concerned Professional Home Inspector asks: How Long Will YOUR Roof Last and What Condition is it in?

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Your Concerned Professional Home Inspector asks: How Long Will YOUR Roof Last and What Condition is it in?

With this unusual, snowy, winter weather as we have it now and what will be ahead for the rest of the winter and the upcoming Spring, we know will be wet, we’d suggest that you have your roof examined by reliable home inspector for less obvious problems, once the snow has been cleared off. The weight of the heavy wet snow can cause havoc with a roof and roofs have collapsed this season. Be assured that if there are defects, they can be repaired, as soon as possible before the leaks start.

Now, regardless of how long you’ve owned your home or how recently the roof was last installed, ongoing maintenance is required.   Extreme weather conditions can cause unexpected damage, in addition to regular weathering and aging conditions.

Roof flashings are actually the “weakest link” of any roof system – and even if properly installed, originally, (we find many instances of poor or improper installations) – need to be checked regularly.


Do you have full confidence your roof will last through Winter?

It is entirely possible your roof and /or the roof flashing details are already failing and leaks have begun, due to severe stressing during summer heat but are not yet so bad your upper ceilings are water-damaged or the leak(s) is obvious.

Although your roof may be “out of-sight /out-of-mind” mostly, it is actually one of most important protective aspects of any home or building and is so often just left to the elements and an ‘accident waiting to happen’!


Why wait for the damage to occur and be forced into costly and complicated home repairs, along with the hassle of insurance claims?

Simply, prevent leaks and interior damage, by having your roof inspected during an annual home maintenance condition check. Now is the time to head-off damaging water leaks – before the worst happens!

Roof Covering Life Spans: Different roof coverings each have varying service lives.

The typical material service life is as follows, (if properly installed and maintained):

Asphalt /Fiberglass shingles – 20years

Cedar shakes /shingles – 20years

Low -slope or Flat roofs, with ‘torch-on’ membrane – 20years

Tar & Gravel System – 20years

Clay /Concrete Tiles – up to 40 years

Metal – 40-50 years.Logo - Copy



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