Property Manager Success Story: Solving problems in a time of need

We were recently contacted by a local Property Manager who really needed help. The problem was, he was preparing for a scheduled council meeting that same evening and there was an unresolved issue lingering on that agenda from several months ago.

It turned out an owner on the top floor of a condo building had undertaken rooftop deck area improvements for their own enjoyment, but had no council pre-approval or city permits.

Having worked with property management companies numerous times in the past, we were able to immediately offer some assistance.

After an exchange of additional information on the subject, it became clear the situation needed a resolution and Glenn was able to slip on his former property manager’s hat, from over 20 years ago, and apply critical thinking.

This property manager asked for a proposal and outlined suggestions to bring to his upcoming meeting and was incredibly relieved when told we would be able to provide one right away.

Once we took this challenge on, it was clear it was not such a huge and demanding project, after all. It just needed some focus, logic and experience. It took just an hour or so to carefully plan and lay-out an approach. The council of owners would have us assist in drafting a demand letter, requiring the owner in question to provide written confirmation that the city was okay with their installation, then also have Glenn review it. If not, all would have to be removed and the exterior restored to its pre-existing condition.

Bottom line: they were now empowered and the issue was as clear as day. The property manager was relieved, once again, as the matter was now more or less off of that meeting agenda. The problem was finally erased and they could move on with other matters, given the solution they now had.

Glenn and his team at Duxbury & Associates have been working closely with property managers and their clients for over 25 years, with the goal of saving them valuable time and money.

Glenn specializes in a number of areas that can specifically help property managers go about their busy days as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

If you’re a property manager (or you know one) looking for advice or just searching for ways to make life easier for yourself and your clients, please contact us for more information.

We are always here to help and provide a solution to a given problem!

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About Glenn Duxbury

Duxbury & Associates Building Inspection and Consulting Ltd. has received the 2004 Douglas College Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the ‘Consulting’ category for persistence and pursuit of excellent service delivery to clients by providing very thorough and professional Inspection Reports and dedication to those involved in buying / selling / building / renovating and maintaining uncompromised customer focus.