Ask the Inspector: Supporting our clients in a messy situation

Recently, a client called in and told us that they had hired a painter for their new home and were extremely disappointed by all the shoddy work done. According to the client, there were all sorts of problems and it was left as a total mess:

  • edges weren’t straight
  • drips and spills
  • specific requests ignored
  • patchy
  • surfaces painted without proper preparation

The client informed us that the painter immediately demanded his payment after putting down his tools, which the client of course refused, as they were not satisfied with all the bad work done.  He just wanted to go fishing.  The cost of correcting the bad work may have exceeded the price agreed to.

The client then requested that Glenn inspect the work and then write a detailed report on all the issues, especially as this may end up in court.

They wondered, how did this turn into such a mess? How could the painter not see this for himself?

Best guess, it was the painter’s old, tired eyesight…

Upon inspection, Glenn was able to provide a detailed summary of the job done and what needed to be fixed.

Once again, we were able to turn worry lines into a Big SMILE!

Who do you know who needs someone to turn to when faced with such a situation? To become empowered – instead of left feeling helpless and stressed?

Duxbury & Associates can help with this type of situation, or any other inspection needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us anytime you feel like you need someone in your corner!

About Glenn Duxbury

Duxbury & Associates Building Inspection and Consulting Ltd. has received the 2004 Douglas College Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the ‘Consulting’ category for persistence and pursuit of excellent service delivery to clients by providing very thorough and professional Inspection Reports and dedication to those involved in buying / selling / building / renovating and maintaining uncompromised customer focus.