No construction litigation experts in your location? Our out-of-region report may be your best option

Are you or someone you know considering the need for construction litigation, due to a dispute with a contractor, but you are you located in a region where you are not satisfied with the level of expertise available when it comes to the subject matter? Are you looking for help locally, but cannot seem to find them?

No matter where you are located, within the province of B.C. or even outside, we can help!

Glenn Duxbury has helped out with litigation needs on Vancouver Island, the Okanagan, the Kootenays and even in other provinces.

You may also be asking yourself, how do I know if I need to take this route? Here is some basic information about what exactly construction litigation is, to help you make an informed decision.

Whenever a dispute arises between contractors and a homeowner, renter or landlord, they are inclined to turn to a lawyer if the matter cannot be settled. A lawyer may be happy to help, but whatever the issue is, whether small or large, it has to be properly documented first.

Oftentimes, a lawyer will try to settle out of court, but if that does not occur, the case would be heard in front of a judge. That is when an expert will be needed who is able to determine all the relevant facts and author a detailed report for the court, to help the judge render a fair decision.

There are not too many experts locally, but Glenn has been asked several times to assist in distant locations in this province, outside of the Lower Mainland and event outside of B.C. Sometimes it is just not practical, possible or even necessary to travel to gather all the raw data needed to commence writing such a report.

When time is too short, the distance is too far or the expense to have him fly into your region is too high, doing an out-of-region report remotely may be the only way.

This alternative approach relies on the client and the law firm to assemble all the documentation and detailed photos needed for this to be still be done thoroughly and without compromising the outcome.

Despite the different approach, this method has proven to be affective over and over again in the past, leaving clients and their lawyer satisfied with the quality of work and thrilled about their outcome in court.

Do you know anyone who is located outside of Metro Vancouver, but could still use Glenn’s vast knowledge and expertise? If so, have them contact us today so we can lend a hand, because going the distance for his clients is what Glenn is best known for!

About Glenn Duxbury

Duxbury & Associates Building Inspection and Consulting Ltd. has received the 2004 Douglas College Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the ‘Consulting’ category for persistence and pursuit of excellent service delivery to clients by providing very thorough and professional Inspection Reports and dedication to those involved in buying / selling / building / renovating and maintaining uncompromised customer focus.