December 2012 – When Property Deals GO SOUR!

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Do you have the right supplies on-hand for a surprise snow storm?

Snow Supplies...

Winter is coming and with that comes the occasional blast of snow. Here are a few essential items which you should always have on-hand.Supplies:
– Shovel for snow removal
– Appropriate ice-melt materials
– Sand for slippery sidewalks,
stairs and in your car
– Warm gloves and a hat
– Also be sure to dis-connect all
garden hoses and winterize your
garden faucets – against

Snow Family Welcome to “Love Your Home”

Here’s to a Great Year Ahead…

As another year draws to a close, I am reminded of how much we have much to be grateful for. A good local economy – outshining many other areas and great predictions for the year ahead.

Once again, we have decided to offer our best wishes in an environmentally responsible way by sending email in lieu of mailing holiday cards. We have also made charitable donations to families throughout the region as our way of contributing to those less fortunate.We know that success in business is a direct result of those we choose to do business with. It has been a sincere pleasure to have worked with so many great people throughout 2012 and to have helped fulfill the dreams of so many Home Owners and Home Buyers.

With Warmest Wishes to You and Yours this Holiday Season!

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Building Inspection and Consulting
Uncovering tomorrow’s surprises, TODAY!

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Deal Breaking When Property Deals
We have all heard about real estate deals that fell apart, leaving everybody perplexed and stunned as to what went wrong… Find out our valuable strategy to prevent this!

Uncovering Tomorrow’s Surprises, TODAY!


What horrors are hiding in the crooks and crannies of the home you’re looking to buy. Here is an epic fail you won’t soon forget…

The Glenn Duxbury & Associates Mentorship Program:
We offer professional guidance on launching a business and improving your skills in the home inspection industry!


The home inspection industry can be a very rewarding career path. However, as with any business, it’s helpful to be able to call on seasoned professionals for help and advice in the process.


We can guide candidates through the steps required to become an accredited and licensed home inspector.


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Glenn Duxbury Mentorship Program


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life-changing program.


Our Customers Say...What Our Clients Say…
“Professional and Detailed

“Glenn is the home inspector who we have retained on two occasions, most recently for our inspection of the Fort Langley home and previously, when we renovated our New Westminster home and had BIG issues with the work of that contractor. On both occasions, Glenn has conducted a very thorough inspection, providing us with comprehensive and valuable reports. In fact, the report from the New West. renovation was used in legal proceedings with the contractor and proved to be a valuable resource.

We value Glenn’s professional and detailed approach to inspections, he doesn’t miss a thing! We also appreciate the time he takes to review and explain the inspection findings. I highly recommend Glenn Duxbury & Associates – Building Inspection and Consulting for any home inspections you may require.” ~ Karen & Dave – New Westminster

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