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November 2013  – Warning Signs of an Electrical Hazard! 

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Do you know the Warning Signs of an Electrical Hazard?
Fed Up with a
“Negligent Neighbour!”
Home Safety Inspection
What Our Clients Say…

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Quick Tip!
An Emergency Kit
Do You Have One?

Emergency Kit

The key to surviving an emergency situation is being prepared in advance. Since you may be stranded in your home for several days, it’s critical to always have a fully stocked…
Emergency Kit:

– Water (2L/Day)
– Food (Non-Perishable)
– Radio (Battery/Wind-up)
– Fire Extinguisher
– Batteries (Charged)
– Flashlights
– First Aid Kit
– Blankets
– An Evacuation Plan

Fall Banner
Welcome to “Love Your Home”

I certainly love this time of year, the colourful leaves and fresh crisp air! We hope your family is enjoying a wonderful Autumn. At Duxbury and Associates we are passionate about educating our clients about home safety! Over the years we’ve seen too many families harmed by electrical shocks and fires. So, please take a moment to review the warning signs:

Building Inspection and Consulting Ltd.
Uncovering tomorrow’s surprises, TODAY!

Uncovering Tomorrow’s Surprises, TODAY!

Fed Up with a  

Negligent Neighbour!

Most home owners work very hard and take pride in maintaining their home! That’s why it can be so frustrating when a neighbour’s lazy habits start to spill over into your yard…

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Home Safety Inspection: 
A professional home inspection will identify danger zones and inform you of urgently required repairs!

Not Concerned About Home Safety?
 Then have a look at the photos above. A past client hired us to do condition check on his home. We warned him “DO NOT USE THE BACK DECK UNTIL REPLACED”. Unfortunately, he did not heed the warning and the deck completely collapsed under him. He landed on a pile of sharp debris, causing him serious injury and pain.The time to act is now, do repairs early before they become a major disaster. If your house is getting older or showing signs of wear and tear, do not delay in scheduling a “Safety Inspection” by a professional home inspector.


What Our Clients Say… “10 out of 10…
Our Customers Say...

“We give Glenn Duxbury a 10 out of 10. He has now done 3 home inspections for us and we were extremely impressed by his level of knowledge and diligence. He seems to realize that a person’s search for a home is important to them, so it’s important to Glenn and his company too. We really couldn’t think of anything you need to improve on. You are doing a great job! We wish all businesses were so trustworthy and competent.”
~ Marilyn & Diane


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