April 2013  – TOXIC CARPET – What You Need to Know! 

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Check Your Taps!

This pretty-colored “beauty” speaks for itself! It had been leaking so long onto the water heater (without being noticed or repaired) that the metal cabinet had rusted through. Consequently, the otherwise “good” water heater had to be replaced, far ahead of its normal service life end.

Check all of your supply shut-offs and supply/drain piping (look inside all sink cabinets). Check the hot/cold supplies to the clothes washer and connections to the water heater for leaks/drips. Also, in case you still haven’t shut-off outside hose-bibs (assuming they’re not frost-free) ensure you do – before it is too late!

Also, don’t forget to turn back-on your outside hose-bibs (garden faucets), as we welcome Spring.  Double-check for leaks – don’t just assume all is OK – until you have visibly verified all is nice and dry as it should be.

Toxic Carpet Welcome to “Love Your Home”

Thanks to everyone who responded to last month’s feature article on ASBESTOS. I’m so very pleased to help educate and build awareness of home hazards which can affect your health and well-being.This month, we turn our attention to the hazards of carpeting. Many people assume that because a product is on the market that it’s perfectly safe. This is not the case! Carpet is now known to be ultra-toxic, so don’t be fooled by its innocent appearance, check this month’s feature.

Get Informed: Don’t put you families’ health at risk…

Peter Hansen
Peter Hansen

I would also like to introduce Peter Hansen as part of the Glenn Duxbury and Associates team. Peter is a great asset to our team!

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What You Need to Know!
A DANGEROUS SURFACE FOR CHILDREN! Carpet is high on my list of potentially dangerous things to have in your home, especially if you have young children or older folks. Over 60% of homes have carpeting. Children play for hours on them, infants crawl on them and we all breathe their fumes; all the while being unknowingly affected…

Uncovering Tomorrow’s Surprises, TODAY!

Whose to BLAME?

When property damage occurs in a strata property, or a co-op unit or even a rental unit, determining blame
can be a tricky business…

Dispute Resolution Property Dispute Resolution

Whether you are quarrelling with a neighbour,
a strata board or even your own spouse; Glenn Duxbury & Associates will provide expert and impartial advice on property dispute issues.We support your legal rights by offering a comprehensive property condition report as evidence and we will also testify as an expert witness in court. We listen to your concerns, advocate for your rights and empower you to receive justice.Consulting Services

What Our Clients Say…
“thorough, detail-oriented and very professional…

Our Customers Say...

“It’s been a pleasure working with Glenn Duxbury and I would highly recommend him. He is everything you want in a home inspector: thorough, detail-oriented and very professional. I am so glad to have found a place that I feel confident is well built and maintained and I am happy to send referrals your way…”

~ Ruth Legg


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