January 2012  – New Homes Aren’t Perfect    

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New Homes Aren’t Perfect
What Our Clients Say
Case Study (Jacuzzi Tub Leak)
Newly Constructed Home Inspection
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Buyer Beware: “Red Flags”
of Poor Workmanship!


Red Flags of Poor Workmanship

“This was found in a finished home with something very wrong you should never have to encounter! After the sub-trades were ‘all-done’, the plumber obviously neglected to remove the temporary test-cap on this plumbing stack. With this in-place, a vacuum is created, preventing proper gravity-fed drainage at sinks /showers. Plus, the rubber roof flashing was found to be torn at the base of this stack & was left leak-prone. This is yet another case of poor workmanship and a serious lack of quality-control, which all buyers should see as a ‘red-flag’ to be aware of – even if buying new!”


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Welcome to “Love Your Home”

Many people believe that the best way to buy a perfect home (with no hidden issues) is to buy a brand new home. Certainly, buying ‘new’ can be great. However, in my many years of experience (as a Certified Professional Home Inspector) I have not yet seen a home which is “100% Perfect”. In fact, I have received many frantic phone calls from people who are experiencing the dreaded “Buyers Remorse” after having have made the costly mistake of investing in a new home with serious defects. Learn how to avoid this unfortunate situation in my feature article “New Homes Aren’t Perfect”.

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New Homes Aren't Perfect New Homes Aren’t Perfect: How to avoid buying a home with huge problems.

Q: Is it really necessary to get my own inspection on a newly constructed home, or should the inspection by the City inspector be accepted as adequate?

A: Always get an independent inspection of your new home!

Some may wonder why this subject comes up so often. It is because questions…

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What Our Clients Say… :  “I trust Glenn to help insure that my home buyers are not buying into a ‘money pit’…”

“Glenn is very thorough in his home inspections. I trust Glenn to help insure that my home buyers are not buying into a “money pit” and that their new home is a good investment. I have referred Glenn to many of my clients who continue to use his services and refer him to others. I highly recommend Duxbury and Associates-Building Inspection and Consulting..” ~ Remax Realty ~

More testimonials…

Leaky Jacuzzi Uncovering Tomorrow’s Surprises, TODAY!



Bad Plumbing = Flood Alert!    

Recently, we were engaged to inspect a home for a client, first time buyers, stressing over various concerns and high potential costs – in addition to their cost to purchase this near-new home…


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Newly Constructed Home Inspection

Newly Contructed Home Inspection Considering a newly constructed home?  

Then put your trust in our detailed New Home Inspections. We will help make your home-buying decision much easier.

– Reduce your risk
– Make a truly informed buying decision
– Make a good investment


We will tell you…
– If the workmanship is high quality 

– What needs to be repaired

– What the costs might be

The Inspection – We will check all the major

systems: Roof; Heating; Insulation; Structure;  

A/C; Interior; Electrical; Plumbing; Exteriors; Finishes and also ‘prove’ all aspects & components actually work as they should. 

Please visit our website for more on our Inspection Services.