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June 2014  – New Home Warranty-Check

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The Crooked Contractor:
Saved in the Nick of Time
New Home Warranties
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Quick Tip!



Home Warranty Inspection

Keep an Eye on Your Home Warranty Expiry Date!

For Strata Council Common Areas, the 2 Year Warranty is actually only valid for


15 months! 
All construction defects must be documented by the end date of your home warranty. Documents must be submitted to the builder and to the HPO (Home Owner Protection) office to ensure that all repairs will be completed at the builder’s expense.
Attn: Strata Councils, Property Managers & Realtors
It’s come to our attention that many folks are generally unaware of their upcoming Home Warranty Expiry Dates.This concerns me greatly, so I wanted to send out this special edition of my newsletter to ensure everyone is fully aware and prepared.
For example: Many strata corporations in the lower mainland are nearing their 15 month or 5-year (building envelope) New Home Warranty expiration date and don’t even realize it. They will need to take immediate action to ensure all required repairs are adequately documented to all the authorities before the builder’s obligation expires. If they delay, they will have to pay to repair construction defects out of their own pockets… To learn more please read this article:

Uncovering tomorrow’s surprises, TODAY!

Uncovering Tomorrow’s Surprises, TODAY!


How a New Home Warranty-Check Can Save You (or COST YOU) LOTS…

Since buying a home is one of the largest investments you will ever make, you want to be protected from construction defects…


The Crooked Contractor:
Saved in the Nick of Time
Our report concluded that it was only a matter of time before these homes would experience serious water damage. In time these home owners would have rain seeping into their walls and pouring down onto their heads…

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Inspection Services: New Home Warranties


Is your home covered by the 2-5-10 New Home Warranty Program?

If so, it’s up to you to document all deficiencies in writing and report same to the builder, H.P.O. (Homeowner Protection Office) and the Warranty-Provider, before those critical days run out.

Don’t delay or your may run out of time!

New Home Warranty Inspection Services

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What Our Clients Say… “They Repaired All Deficiencies
Our Customers Say...


TIP: Give contractors an incentive to put your property first on their priority list. Hold payment until all inspection report issues are corrected.

“Hi Glenn,
They repaired all the deficiencies you found, except a drywall nail-pop which will be repaired before my completion date & move-in. I will contact you again before my 1st warranty expires. Thank you again for the very thorough report…” ~ Sharon


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