March 2016
Does Your New Home have Hidden Defects?
“Is New Home Warranty Protection – Really “Worthless”?”. Do you know the exact date your Home Warranty expires? If you let it expire, without a professional inspection, then YOU could be responsible for expensive home repairs that should have been completed by the builder.
“Why is a New Home Falling Apart” Here is an eye opening case study on one of our clients who discovered, too late, that a new home is not always a dream home.
Double-Check your  Home   Warranty Expiry Date!
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Is New Home Warranty Protection Really “Worthless”?
You may have heard of recent mention of new home Warranty-protection here in BC being totally “worthless” due to stories and opinions shared in the media. This can be true, but doesn’t have to be!

Why is a New Home Falling Apart?
Joy quickly turned to horror, when a brand new home started unraveling like a ball of wool before the buyer’s eyes!

Home Safety Inspection: 
A professional home inspection will identify danger
zones and inform you of urgently required repairs!

Not Concerned About Home Safety? Then have a look at the photos above. A past client hired us to do condition check on his home. We warned him “DO NOT USE THE BACK DECK UNTIL REPLACED”. Unfortunately, he did not heed the warning and the deck completely collapsed under him. He landed on a pile of sharp debris, causing him serious injury and pain.

The time to act is now, do repairs early before they become a major disaster. If your house is getting older or showing signs of wear and tear, do not delay in scheduling a “Safety Inspection” by a professional home inspector.

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“Very Thorough Report”

“Hi Glenn, They repaired all the deficiencies you found, except a drywall nail-pop which will be repaired before my completion date & move-in. I will contact you again before my 1st warranty expires. Thank you again for the very thorough report. Have a good day!

~ Sharon