November 2011  – Is your home “Winterized”? 

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Case Study (Mold Worry)
Why get a Seller Inspection?
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Do you have the right supplies on-hand for a surprise snow storm? 


 Snow Supplies...


Winter is coming and with that comes the occasional blast of snow. Here are a few essential items which you should always have on-hand.

– Shovel for snow removal
– Appropriate ice-melt materials
– Sand for slippery sidewalks
– Warm gloves and a hat


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Welcome to “Love Your Home”

Winter is almost upon us and it got me thinking about all the horror stories I’ve seen over the years when people neglect to winterize their homes. So, I encourage you all to read my “Winterize Your Home Checklist” to make certain that your home is prepared to endure a long chilly winter. 

I’ve recently created a video in association with the BBB on Selecting a Professional Home Inspector. I think educating home owners on how to choose the right inspection professional is very important, so please check out my video and let me know what your think.
VIDEO: Selecting a Professional Home Inspector
Sincerely, Glenn

Glenn Duxbury & Associates
Building Inspection and Consulting
Uncovering tomorrow’s surprises, TODAY! 


Home Winterizing Checklist WINTERIZING – Is your home prepared to endure a long winter??  

There are many things that can happen to your home if you don’t prepare for winter. Everything from cold uncomfortable air leaks to pipes that freeze and burst. Pipes that burst are not just a terrible mess; they can cost you tens of thousands of dollars in repairs!

We’re passionate about our Clients being able to ‘Love their Home’ and so the importance of having a Winterizing Checklist came to mind…

Winterize Your Home Checklist…



Get your Condo Inspected for Mold! Uncovering Tomorrow’s Surprises, TODAY!


Is your strata keeping
your home habitable? 

Recently, we were referred to a client living in a Strata property, stressing and concerned about mold issue in her unit – due to her high sensitivities (medically-verified) and irritating allergic reactions.

A deluge of water had leaked into her unit, where roof-drains on a flat roof…


Read the full Case Study       

Why getting a Seller Inspection early on will save you time and headaches in the end…

Get a Sellers Inspection!

Eventually, your buyers are going to conduct a property inspection. An early seller inspection provides the following advantages:


– Reveals hidden issues requiring repairs

– Allows time to shop around for quotes 

May be used as a marketing tool 

– Facilitates a quick stress-free sale  

– Strengthens your negotiating position
– Offers forthrightness and ‘transparency’

A seller inspection saves time and stress in the selling process and provides a gesture of good intentions and honesty.

Please visit our website for more on our Inspection Services.


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“Top qualities: Expert , On Time , High Integrity”

“I hired Glenn for a home inspection this past year and he was outstanding to say the least. He showed up on time, was extremely thorough and very detailed in his explanations to me. I highly recommend Glenn for any of your home inspection needs. He is worth every dollar and then some. Thanks, Glenn!” ~ Ali Jamal ~

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