August 2011  – Is your home leak-proof? 

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Is your home leak-proof?
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New Home Warranty Inspection







Is your home covered by a New Home Warranty Program? If so, it’s your responsibility to report any deficiencies to the builder before the warranty runs out. Typical coverage under the New Home Warranty Program is as follows:

2 years – Construction defects and BC Building Code violations
5 years – Water leakage (basement, roof, exterior walls, windows, and doors)
10 years – Major structural defects

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Welcome to “Love Your Home”

We’ve had an outstanding response to our newsletters so far and I’m so very pleased to provide these important tips to home owners. Professional condo inspection is one of the topics which people have shown great interest in, so check out my feature article
“Building Envelopes – Is your home leak-proof?”.

Are you planning to have a fun filled summer party on your deck? If so, please check out my article called “DEADLY DECKS, Is your deck a disaster waiting to happen?” Ensure your deck is safe and secure for years to come.

Each month I share my experiences of home inspections through case studies, tips, what to look for, and preventative maintenance to save you the buyer, seller, homeowner or property manager, time and money.
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Rain_Inside Building Envelopes
Is your home leak-proof?

A ‘building envelope’ can simply be explained as the separation between the interior and the exterior of a home. It includes the roof and wall elements, including all aspects of windows / doors / flashings and penetrations.

In a Strata / Condo, imagine an invisible line in the centre of an exterior wall and the uppermost ceiling in your unit (the inside is your property and the outside is common property,  jointly owned by the collective ownership. Strata properties have a very ‘black’ history of leaks and associated problems…


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Uncovering Tomorrow’s Surprises, TODAY!

Is your deck a disaster waiting to happen?



Decks and balconies aren’t used only for summer parties; they often welcome guests during the holiday season, too. Every year there are a surprising number of reported accidents, where decks have actually collapsed, resulting in serious injuries and even death. Therefore, regular deck safety inspection should be of the highest priority to a responsible home owner  


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Strata Inspections CondoInspection

Many Strata Purchasers are either 1st time buyers or folks wanting to down-size, so they typically do not have any knowledge of what to look for in a condo or townhouse. For example, many strata buyers are not aware of the fact that they will be collectively paying for very expensive EXTERIOR items, like elevators, roofing, water piping, the parking garage, decks/balconies and windows. So it’s very important to make sure your Home Inspector looks beyond just the Unit. Sounds more like a house after all, doesn’t it!?

We offer detailed inspection reports and provide you with peace of mind!  


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Testimonials: “thank-you for your honesty

“First and foremost, I would like to thank-you for your honesty, integrity and the way you were able to explain everything to me in a language I could understand… I feel you are one of the most professional and honest businessman I have come across in a very long time. I thank-you again for your thorough job and I look forward to doing business with you again.”. ~ K. Gelinas