October 2011  – How Healthy is Your Attic? 

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How Healthy is Your Attic?
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Clean your Ceiling Fan 

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 Clean your fans


The Dusty Bearded Ceiling Fan

This Bathroom ceiling fan grille in a 5 year-old home has NEVER been cleaned and is severely clogged to the point of severely restricting and straining air-flow. Not only will this dusty grille contribute to breathing issues but the lack of maintenance could easily cause the fan motor to burn out.

The Solution: A simple monthly cleaning would have kept this system running properly and trouble-free.
The grille pulls down quite easily for regular maintenance.

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Welcome to “Love Your Home”

Well, Autumn has arrived and the chilly wet weather is on the way! In this issue I offer advice on how to keep your home warm and safe throughout the winter months.
Check out my article How Healthy is Your Attic? which reveals the nasty hidden problems which might be lingering in your attic! 

Your home is one of the largest investments you will ever make and I am extremely pleased to share professional tips and advice to help you protect your investment. Each month I share my experiences of home inspections through case studies, tips, what to look for, and preventative maintenance to save you (the buyer, seller, homeowner or property manager) time and money.
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Sincerely, Glenn

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Uncovering tomorrow’s surprises, TODAY! 


GD_Attic_Health2 How Healthy is Your Attic?


Why it’s critical to know if your attic full  

of nasty but hidden problems…

A healthy attic is something to strive for – to help keep your home healthy. However, many homes have serious attic problems such as ‘critters’ (rodents, raccoons, etc.), flying insects nesting there, birds and even bats nesting inside. These pests can easily enter your living space if an opportunity presents and you’ll regret not pre-empting such a problem.

Dampness and resulting mold / rot can really become an issue – when your attic is not…
Click here to read the entire article…



Uncovering Tomorrow’s Surprises, TODAY!

The General Condition Check    

, I was called to meet with a business colleague who was constantly worrying about the ‘next thing to go wrong’ in her home. Especially, she was stressing about the coming winter season – given her past “history” with one thing after another failing, beginning to leak or some ‘unknown’ component of the home going wrong.


She mentioned her concerns about the roof, their deck, the water heater, a ‘stink’ in the attached garage and a persistent interior leak.


Read the CASE STUDYOnce we arrived, we went straight to the flat roof and uncovered some flashings which may become a problem – unless “tuned-up”, as well as accumulated roof moss (which can become a cause of leaks, unless removed), blocked gutters & roof drains and a plumbing stack which was leak-prone.


Read the full Case Study       

“…he explained, advised and was friendly…”

If you think the services of a house inspector are useful only when you are about to purchase a house, think again… There were a number of projects that needed attention in our home, we had no idea what their priorities were. Did the moss growing on the roof have a higher priority than replacing the water tank? and how about that strange smell in the garage or the front deck?

I hired Glenn… he was very knowledgeable, not condescending, he explained, he advised and he was friendly. I felt he really wanted to help me uncover the problems today before they became tomorrow’s costly nightmares.”
~ Lucy De Pieri, Coquitlam ~

Read the full testimonial (relating to the above Case Study)

The Whole Home Maintenance Check…

Glenn Duxbury & Associates - Please visit our website Does it seem like every year something major goes in your home… (eg. the hot water heater, the furnace, the roof, the electrical system, the plumbing etc.) A Professional Maintenance Check will tell you which major home systems are about to turn into a disaster and which ones are still in good condition.  

It’s always much cheaper to plan ahead replace something when it’s still functioning then wait until it completely falls apart and then have to call for an emergency repair. Like they say “An once of prevention is worth a pound of cure!”

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