May 2014  – How does MOLD affect Air Quality & Your Health?

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How does MOLD
affect Air Quality
& Your Health?
Botched Renovation:
An Unhappy Ending
for Fire Victims
Quality Control Services
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Spring is in the air! Flowers are in bloom and there is lots of pollen floating around.

However, many of us forget that there are also lots of mold spores floating all around us too. With our wet climate, they can often find a suitable place to grow around your windows, walls or cupboards. Mold can negatively affect indoor air quality and is not necessarily all healthy to be around, such as with penicillin (there are over 1,000 kinds of mold). If you have experienced repeated unexplained illnesses, there is a chance you might have a ‘mold problem’. This can be a serious health concern so please read my feature article:

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Uncovering tomorrow’s surprises, TODAY!

Uncovering Tomorrow’s Surprises, TODAY!

got mold?

How does MOLD affect Air Quality & Your Health?   

Mold spores are floating around us in the air all the time, just looking for some damp organic material to grow on…


Botched Renovation:
An Unhappy Ending
for Fire Victims

Our team was recently called out to review a fully renovated house in Langley. Last year, this home had been struck by a tragic house fire…

Read the full article

Quality Control Services: 
Monitor Renovation Projects, Get Your Money’s Worth! 
Quality Control Services Not all renovation contractors provide the same quality of work. To ensure you are getting your money’s worth, you need to inspect before, during and after the renovation process.

At Duxbury and Associates, we are experts in this field; we will tell you whether or not you are actually receiving quality work you’ve paid for and we will advocate for you if you haven’t. Also – if you are just ‘not sure’, we’re here for you!

Don’t pay a contractor until you know the job is done right!

Quality Control Services

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