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August 2014 – Hire Sherlock Holmes not Mr. Magoo! 

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How to Hire The “Right” Home Inspector
Renovation Red Flags
Pre-Listing Consultations
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I hope you’re enjoying a fantastic summer!

So, how can you tell if you’re hiring the “Right” home inspector? See my feature article for proven ways to select a great home inspector (Sherlock Holmes) instead of a blind incompetent one (Mr. Magoo)…


Uncovering tomorrow’s surprises, TODAY!


The Team of Home and Building Specialists

Providing protection, security and especially Peace-of-Mind. It’s what everyone wants; it’s what we always deliver… Let us do all the “heavy-lifting” so you can be mindful of your situation.



Uncovering Tomorrow’s Surprises, TODAY!

Holmes or Magoo?


How to Hire the “Right” Home Inspector:

Get Sherlock Holmes not Mr. Magoo!




Is your home inspector checking everything and going the the extra mile for you to get to the bottom of things? What should you ask to make sure that you’re dealing with a true professional before it’s too late



Red Flag
If you’re considering a future home renovation, listen to this great program on saving money and avoiding pitfalls!
Red Flag

Book an AppointmentPre-Listing Consultations

There is a subtle but important difference between a Pre-Listing Inspection and a Pre-Listing Consultation. An inspection report is a document which is fully disclosed to all buyers as a matter of public record. However, a consultation report is for the home sellers’ eyes only. The advantage of a pre-listing consultation is that it allows sellers to identify and fix any issues in advance. Eliminates problems and delays in the property selling process.

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What Our Clients Say… “I Recommend Glenn – 100%


Our Customers Say...


“I recommend Glenn and his team 100%, especially if you are thinking of purchasing a new home for the first time. As first homebuyers, we were very nervous, embarking on the largest financial decision & commitment of our lives, not to mention how much of a stressful process it can be.
The content and professionalism of the inspection, not only gave us peace of mind, but Glenn also discovered a gas leak (which was promptly dealt with thanks to the inspection). Thanks Glenn, we’ll certainly recommend your services!” 

~ Shane and Chelsea Gough




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