February 2012  – Fighting Mold – A Homeowners Guide

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Fighting Mold:
A Homeowners Guide
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Our Customers Say...
What Our Clients Say…

“Glenn leaves no
stone unturned in the inspection process…”

Thanks for the very professional inspection. You obviously enjoy what you do and leave no stone unturned in your inspection process. We are moving forward with the purchase of our home – secure in the facts of what needs to be done… ~ Client ~

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Welcome to “Love Your Home”

I want to focus this month on a hairy monster who is hiding in many homes around the greater Vancouver area… Yes, I’m talking about MOLD! This sinister little fungus can be a very serious issue, destroying your property and damaging your health. So check out my feature article  “Fighting Mold – A Homeowners Guide”.

Mentoring New Inspectors

All new home inspectors, after “basic training” at a post-secondary institution, need at least some minimal mentoring. Glenn Duxbury and Associates has been providing mentorship programs for years now! We assist aspiring home inspectors by sharing our vast knowledge of the industry. We also support them in joining one of the recognized professional associations, attaining their provincial license and going into business for themselves. We are a great resource to new home inspectors and we also provide additional assistance if English is not their first language.” Contact us for more details!

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Fighting Mold! Fighting Mold:
A Homeowners Guide

Understanding mold:
– Mold can be very harmful;
– Mold needs moisture to grow;
– Mold does not grow on dry materials;
– Materials can appear to be ‘dry’, but can contain high moisture levels;
– Mold growing inside a home can adversely affect the occupants; and
– Occupants can learn to recognize mold and should do…

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The Wood Butcher Uncovering Tomorrow’s Surprises, TODAY!


Reckless Attack on a Structure!   

In this “new” home, a structural floor joist was badly weakened by this haphazard hole. The prime suspect of this common crime is known as
“The Wood Butcher” (often a reckless plumber or hvac technician).
There is so little strength left this framing member that the structural integrity of the entire house has been compromised. Did the City Inspector catch this gaping flaw? Obviously not, as the final occupancy permit had been issued and the file was “closed”. HOME BUYERS BEWARE – The Wood Butcher is still at large and damaging new homes just like this one.”


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Strata Inspections CondoInspection

Many Strata Purchasers are either 1st time buyers or folks wanting to down-size, so they typically do not have any knowledge of what to look for in a condo or townhouse. For example, many strata buyers are not aware of the fact that they will be collectively paying for very expensive EXTERIOR items, like elevators, roofing, water piping, the parking garage, decks/balconies and windows. So it’s very important to make sure your Home Inspector looks beyond just the Unit. Sounds more like a house after all, doesn’t it!?

We offer detailed inspection reports and provide you with peace of mind!  


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