June 2016

Beating the Summer Heat


Are You Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot? If you’re like me, you love the Summer sunshine! However, I know there are many folks whose homes literally turn into ovens. So I’ve compiled a list of handy tips to help keep your house cool! 


Double-Check your Home   Warranty Expiry Date!

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Stay Cool

Summer Heat:

5 Tips on Keeping Your House Cool! 

“Sure, we love to see the summer sunshine! However, as the mercury rises, many homes begin to accumulate heat. Sometimes it gets to the point where home owners feel like they’re roasting in an oven…” 


When is “too late” to claim New Home Warranty Defects?

Knowing your home warranty insurance expiry date is critical to determining before your coverage will disappear, forever.
Insurance companies are very strict about these deadlines..

Home Warranty Inspection: 
A professional home inspection will ensure the builder has provided quality workmanship and has repaired all the defects in your new home!

What you need to know about the New Home Warranty Program:

Even if your home is covered by the 2-5-10 New Home Warranty Program, it’s up to you to document all deficiencies in writing and report them to the builder, H.P.O. (Homeowner Protection Office) and the Warranty-Provider, before those critical days run out.

Most homeowners can easily identify cosmetic deficiencies but it takes a professional who is familiar with all the building codes to find the rest. The best time to re-inspect is after you have been living in the home but prior to the one year warranty expiring.
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Our Customers Say...

What Our Clients Say…

“Accepted All The Warranty Claims”

“By the way, the Warranty company accepted all the claims documented in your detailed report on the deficiency items with our new home (except the lack of outlets and wrong placement of switches in the basement suite, which are relatively minor).” ~ Paul