May 2016
Is Your Attic full of Nasty Surprises?
Well, Spring is in the air and people are again house hunting and moving into new homes. However, I wanted to remind all new home owners to please double check the exact date your Home Warranty expires. If you let it expire, without a professional inspection, then YOU could be responsible for expensive home repairs that should have been completed by the builder.
Double-Check your  Home   Warranty Expiry Date!
If you’ve been hearing odd noises or smelling something strange in your house, then be sure to check out my recent article, which reveals the nasty hidden problems which might be lingering in your attic!
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Is Your Attic full of Nasty Surprises?
A healthy attic is something to strive for – to help keep your home and family healthy
Is your attic full of nasty but hidden problems?

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New Home Defects that will Surprise You!
More examples of why a Professional Home Inspector is needed for any New Home and again within one (1) year for New Home Warranty Inspection for defects to be documented before your Warranty runs out…

Home Warranty Inspection: 
A professional home inspection will ensure the builder has provided quality workmanship and has repaired all the defects in your new home !

What you need to know about the New Home Warranty Program:

Even if your home is covered by the 2-5-10  New Home Warranty Program, it’s up to you to document all deficiencies in writing and report them to the builder, H.P.O. (Homeowner Protection Office) and the Warranty-Provider, before those critical days run out.
Most homeowners can easily identify cosmetic deficiencies but it takes a professional who is familiar with all the building codes to find the rest. The best time to re-inspect is after you have been living in the home but prior to the  one year warranty expiring.
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What Our Clients Say…
“Recommend 100%”
“Thank you Glenn for recently conducting our home inspection. I recommend Glenn and his team 100%, especially if you are thinking of purchasing a new home for the first time.
As first homebuyers, we were very nervous, embarking on the largest financial decision and commitment of our lives, not to mention how much of a stressful process it can be. The content and professionalism of the inspection, not only gave us peace of mind, but Glenn also discovered a gas leak (which was promptly dealt with thanks to the inspection). The Seller had the leak repaired and we are now eagerly anticipating moving into our first home.
Glenn certainly made a stressful time easier to deal with and now armed with the information from your inspection, we have confidence that our decision to purchase this home is the right one. Thanks Glenn, we’ll certainly recommend your services.   
~ Shane and Chelsea Gough