March 2013  – ASBESTOS – Still a Hidden Killer!     

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Still a Hidden Killer!
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Anyone who has endured a renovation project knows that the dust can get everywhere. Little particles fly around until you are breathing, eating and wearing the dust and sawdust.

However, it is possible to contain the renovation mess to certain areas of your home. These plastic containment doorways seal off the dirty work area to keep that mess to an absolute minimum – so you can continue to Love Your Home(especially if you are worried about indoor air-quality and your family’s health).”

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Asbestos Danger!Danger is in the Air!
With Spring in the air many of you may be thinking about starting some home renovation projects. However, before you start, I sincerely hope you will read my feature article this month on Asbestos. Contrary to what many people think, this frightening toxic substance is still lurking in many homes.

This ongoing danger has prompted the ASTTBC to make Asbestos Courses mandatory for professional home inspectors.

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Asbestos Danger!ASBESTOS
Still a Hidden Killer!
Many people believe that asbestos is a “problem of the past” which no longer exists in modern, present-day homes.
Well that is simply not the case…

Read the full article…

Uncovering Tomorrow’s Surprises, TODAY!


Our team of home inspectors has seen some pretty questionable insurance claims over the years but this one really takes the cake!

Depreciation ReportsStrata Depreciation Reports

With depreciation reports now being mandatory in BC, it’s not something any Strata property manager, Unit Owner or Strata Council member can ignore. Glenn Duxbury & Associates-Building Inspection and Consulting strives to make the depreciation report process easy for Strata property managers and Strata administrations.

If you need a Strata depreciation report, we’re focusing on townhouse complexes and wood-framed low-rise condominium buildings,  
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Strata Depreciation Report Services 

What Our Clients Say… “Professional and Detailed…

Our Customers Say...

“Glenn is the home inspector who we have retained on two occasions – most recently for our inspection of the Fort Langley home and previously, when we renovated our New Westminster home and had BIG issues with the work of that contractor. On both occasions, Glenn has conducted a very thorough inspection, providing us with comprehensive and valuable reports. In fact, the report from the New West. renovation was used in legal proceedings with the contractor and proved to be a valuable resource.
We value Glenn’s professional and detailed approach to inspections – he doesn’t miss a thing! We also appreciate the time he takes to review and explain the inspection findings.
I highly recommend Glenn Duxbury & Associates-Building Inspection and Consulting for any home inspections you may require.”

~ Karen & Dave – New Westminster


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