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“Hi Glenn, Thanks for your attention-to-detail, the extensive time on our inspection and your help in explaining the report. The sellers came down on their price thanks to your report! We will take possession month-end. Thanks once again; it’s so nice to have someone to trust!”

~ B. & B. Fairweather ~

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Moisture Detector

Great home inspectors will carry many important items in their tool-kit. For example, moisture detectors provide readings on the moisture content of underlying structures. Any moisture in your floors or walls is a bad sign but a reading over 19% indicates that the underlying wood is soaking wet and wood-rot is actively underway.

Improper construction and finishing, even on brand new homes, can quickly lead to deterioration and decay. Resulting in disruptive tear-out renovations which cost hundreds of thousands of dollars!

You can count on us to dig deep and find the hidden issues others miss! 

Welcome to “Love Your Home”

I hope you are all enjoying a lovely spring! In April many people start thinking about spring cleaning and sprucing up their home. So I thought it was a good time to talk about the legal responsibilities of home owners regarding renovations.

Condo Owners: Did you know that a Strata Depreciation Report will soon be legally mandatory in BC? If not, you may wish to check out my article “ARE YOU WASTING MONEY? Strata Depreciation Reports”

House Owners: Did you know that you can be held legally responsible for the safety of workers on your property? Yes, it’s true, check out the surprising case study below. “ROOF DANGER”   

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Strata Depreciation ARE YOU WASTING MONEY?
Strata Depreciation

A Strata Depreciation Report is now legally mandatory in British Columbia, with a final deadline of December13th, 2013.

So what does this mean for you? Regrettably, there seems to be a great deal of uncertainty on the subject. However, I hope to shed some light….

Roof Life Span CaseStudyUncovering Tomorrow’s Surprises, TODAY!


Did you know? Home owners can be held legally responsible for the safety of workers? 

A recent news story has indicated that Gordon Campbell was held responsible for the death of a workman who fell through his skylight.

Unfortunately this scenario is not uncommon, people often hire contractors to work on their home while being blissfully unaware of their legal responsibilities. Home owners should know that if a worker is injured/killed while working on your roof or anywhere else on your property, you may be held legally responsible for their injuries or death.

To avoid liability you must have a legal contract, stating who is the primary contractor (responsible for coordinating and enforcing Worksafe BC regulations with all sub-contractors). Otherwise the home owner is considered the primary contractor by default. Therefore, I strongly encourage my readers to know their legal responsibilities, to protect their workers from harm and themselves from liability exposure.

Read full Gordon Campbell Story…


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Why getting a Seller Inspection can save you time early on will save you headaches in the end…

Get a Sellers Inspection!

Eventually, your buyers are going to conduct a property inspection. An early seller inspection provides the following advantages:


– Reveals hidden issues requiring repairs

– Allows time to shop around for quotes 

May be used as a marketing tool 

– Facilitates a quick stress-free sale  

– Strengthens your negotiating position
– Offers forthrightness and ‘transparency’

– Gives you a competitive edge


A seller inspection saves time and stress in the selling process and provides a gesture of good intentions and honesty.

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