Ask the Inspector: Solving Worries Over a New Roof

I was checking the roof on a detached house recently and the client (homeowner) was worried the new roof covering had been installed improperly on her home. It’s time to Ask the Inspector once again:

After taking one look at the roofing, it was clear the main concern she already had, to her credit, was the way the hidden valleys had been “pieced”, in contrast to how the last roof covering had been done.

Together, we reviewed all the work that had just been done and I was able to point out numerous additional issues evident and also made a number of recommendations to empower this client.

Joints were improperly underlapped, instead of overlapped (always an opportunity for leaks).

I have to admit, we have never seen such work

The client was so grateful to know her concerns and worries were indeed valid and could then confidently proceed with remedying the situation, without paying what the contractor was demanding.  Instead, she was able to withhold money to cover what it would cost to get another roofer to fix this issue.

Worry once again turned into a SMILE and that made my day!

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