A Timely Reminder from Your Tricities Home and Condo Inspector

A Timely Reminder from Your Tricities Home and Condo Inspector:
It is very important NOT to overlook your New Home Warranty Expiry Date, as you may end up paying for the correction of defects that should have been made by the builder.
To expect a new home to be a perfect “10” is not realistic, since the BC Building Code is only the MINIMAL standard to be met. You may find some defects as you get used to your new home but it is important to have a Home Inspector check for hidden defects, if any, before the critical expiration date.


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Owners of new homes should always get their home Warranty Insurance documents from the warranty provider shortly after the purchase is completed or first occupancy begins.
Review the documents carefully to be sure that you know what is covered, what the expiry dates are and what your responsibilities are. The documents will also tell you what to do in case you need to make a claim on the policy.
Store the documents in a safe place, together with your other documents relating to the home, such as the walk-through inspection report and any other warranties.

If you discover a construction defect that is covered by your home warranty insurance policy, you must inform the warranty provider and the builder in writing within the required time periods. The warranty provider is ultimately responsible to repair any construction defects covered by the home warranty insurance policy within a reasonable time. Keep copies of all correspondence.

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Even one day past is too late!

Are you up to date with the necessary inspections?




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