“Don’t assume a New Home is High–Quality.”

Your Quality Home Inspector Says “Don’t assume a New Home is High–Quality.”

Joy quickly turned to horror, when a brand new home started unraveling like a ball of wool before the buyer’s eyes!

One of our clients had been overjoyed after purchasing a 1 year-old home from a local builder. They thought they had found an excellent deal and were very excited to move in!





The buyers had assumed this new home was high-quality and extremely well-built, as it should be. However, within weeks of their purchase, they were appalled to discover water leaks, that dozens of shingles were falling off, the chimney flashing was already disintegrating and things were coming apart.  When our Team inspected this property, we found numerous construction errors, far worse than you would expect to find in a very old home.

Some more examples of why a Professional Home Inspection is needed for any New Home and again within one (1) year for New Home Warranty Inspection for defects to be documented before your Warranty runs out.

A new House (“high-end”) – Plumber neglected to remove the test-cap on this plumbing stack and so drains from sinks, showers, etc. will not properly drain!  City officials will not normally go up on a roof.  Their overview is limited to a relatively casual look-around to only check for Building Code violations (“minimum standard”). Although it is hard to see in this photo, the rubber flashing the plumbing stack protrudes through is also torn and must now be replaced (un-shingle, remove old flashing, install new one and re-shingle) as it is LEAKING and dysfunctional.

This is an apparent attempted ‘home-made’ balcony guardrail – 2 stories up, over a steep drop-off at the rear of the home. This is a serious and dangerous ‘accident-waiting-to-happen’ issue!  The roofing nails used are not even long enough to penetrate the ¾” thick stucco finish into solid framing and so there is just no holding power; this would detach with even a very light amount of pressure applied (obviously not a professional job).  Normal guardrail requirement is to withstand up to 250 pounds of body weight applied against this, from left to right (want to try it ?)

Let’s see now:  cover plate is attached to the electrical box, the receptacle is also attached to the electrical box, but what about attaching the electrical box to the wall framing???  Just a ‘slight’ annoyance when you’re trying to get out-the-door in the morning



Yet another ‘new’ home; this floor joist structure  has been so badly compromised and weakened, a structural repair is required (no wonder so many plumbers are known as ‘wood-butchers’).  There is so little strength left, this structural framing member, they might as well have just notched the hole out (easier than coring-through).  Did the City inspector catch this?   Obviously not, as the final occupancy permit had been issued and the file ‘closed’.


Incorrect installation of dryer vent, with “duct tape” peeling off with the heat from the dryer, within a very short while, and venting only into attic. Look out: wood-rot and MOLD from all the moisture.



Every home should be thoroughly checked- for assurance & peace of mind.

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