Summer heat like this can make a home absolutely unbearable and such discomfort can lead to extreme stress; who hasn’t experienced inside heat which makes you sticky and miserable…


Some tips on keeping your home cooler and more comfortable for you and your family come to mind:

Shade your home on the East, West and South sides, with sun-blocking window coverings, window awnings and outdoor shrubbery /large trees.

Moving air within your home adds comfort, as we know and so try opening windows on opposite sides, if possible and only if safe to do so, running the bathroom exhaust fan (ideally via a connected de-humistat), running the summertime blower fan on your forced-air furnace, using ceiling paddle fans and /or opening the attic hatch cover, since hot air is naturally buoyant, to allow for escape to the outside. An opening skylight will also be a benefit…

Reduce heat-generating activities – such as clothes drying, indoor cooking and dish-washing.

Improving your home’s air-movement and insulation levels can really help limit over-heating…This is where your home inspection may have made suggestions.

Retreating to your basement (if possible) also helps, as will directional fans, of course !

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