A home is a rather complex “machine”. It has many subsystems and interlocking parts, all working as a system. When you purchase any home, you need to be sure they are all working properly and not on the verge of failure. So the primary purpose your pre-purchase Condition-Check is to protect you from defects or problems that may not be obvious to you or your realtor. At Duxbury & Associates-Building Inspection and Consulting Ltd., we have Experts to go through your home from top to bottom outside and top-to-bottom inside and identify potential problems — problems you should know about before you complete the purchase.

Pre-Purchase Home Inspections

Shown below is an outline of some of the key things our professionals look for. If you have questions about our condition-checks, our Inspectors or what we cover /don’t cover, please contact us. We’ll be happy to explain everything we do and why we are different.