Before you purchase a home, it is highly recommended that the property undergoes a thorough Condition-Check. Hiring a professional for the job will help you minimize your risk of making a bad investment.

Finding a home can be a long and tiring process. On average, you would have to go through and look at several different homes before you find the perfect one just for you. Visiting open houses can be an extensive and overwhelming process. Generally, you only get to see the superficial aspects of the property when visiting an open house. At Duxbury & Associates Building Inspection and Consulting Ltd., we are here to help you filter-out the unsuitable homes in the early stages of the home-buying process.

A regular Property-Check is typically done when you already have your heart set in purchasing the chosen property. This means you would have gone through the thought and decision-making process of purchasing said home, with little knowledge of its faults. Open house Condition-Checks let you know of the property’s major and critical faults to help you narrow down your choices.

At Duxbury & Associates Building Inspection and Consulting Ltd., we can help you seek out your dream home when you are visiting open houses. Conducting an open house Condition-Check will help you save time and money in your home-hunting process. Catching critical faults early on will help you gain a better understanding and estimate on how much the property is worth at first glance.

A regular property condition assessment (PCA) usually takes about four to five hours. However, an open house Condition-Check will take less time. It will consist of a briefer version of a regular property condition assessment.

Although an open house Condition-Check takes less time to conduct, we will still be able to point out the critical issues of the home, so you can decide early on whether to move forward with the property, or to consider other listings. This will help you filter out the unfavourable properties (or ones in very bad condition) and save you time in your home-hunting process.

Save time in your search and protect your investment. Contact us for more info about our open house Condition-Check services.