Home Inspector – Vancouver – Gives Further Warranty Info on New Homes


A partial list of common “new home” deficiencies.

Usually found on initial new home inspection and given to the builder to correct before the 1 year warranty is up. Deficiencies may be found later if initial inspection was NOT done by a qualified and thorough Home Inspector. Another inspection is advised prior to the end of the warranty period to ensure all deficiencies have been repaired correctly and if any other problems have been discovered.

  • defective, loose or mis-wired electric outlets
  • dangerous, exposed live electrical cables


  • missing junction box covers
  • defective smoke alarms
  • missing weep holes in brick
  • crossed hot /cold water supply lines
  • improper roof /attic framing
  • images
  • missing insulation
  • insufficient attic venting and resulting mold
  • water pressure too high /too low
  • no thermal expansion device on water heating system
  • improper discharge tubes on water heaters /hot water boilers
  • trip hazards
  • gas-leaks
  • improper shingle starter strips
  • defective windows
  • improperly installed doors
  • improper plumbing work
  • damaged /poorly installed floor finishes
  • cold /drafty areas
  • cheap, NOISY exhaust fans
  • plumbing stacks plugged-off, still (rooftop)

That is just a starter off the top of our heads in new homes we’ve seen recently…

* That is why ALL homes should be thoroughly Inspected (even brand new construction) – for your peace-of-mind and knowledge on deficiencies to be claimed in-time for warranty purposes – to save you money.

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