Are you and your home prepared for Summer?


Are you and your home prepared for Summer?
Despite the seemingly long winter we have had, we should be prepared for sunny days ahead, even if they are intermittent right now.

Pack up your snow blower, shovels, “ice melt” and skis into the shed and bring out your Summer sports gear, lawnmower, fertilizer, hose, sprinklers and garden tools. Have them upfront, organized and easily accessible.

A good tip from your Home Inspector is to ensure your water supply has survived Winter, that you have no leaks or floods, when turning on the outside taps.

Summer is the perfect time to take on a sweaty project and update your deck, door/ trims, picnic table and chairs with a fresh coat of paint /stain in a bright colour update.

Make your deck / balcony “your favourite” place by creating an outdoor extension of your indoor living space: comfortable, clean and filled with your favourite things, like comfy chairs, flowering planters, candles and pillows.

Comfy Deck

Sunscreen is always advised if you’re planning on spending a long time in the sunshine. For good health, up to 20 minutes of unprotected skin in the sun to improve vitamin D production. Wear a hat.

Keep hydrated, mostly with plain water.

Gardening is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and will actually help you burn some calories! Planting a garden is a fantastic way of getting your hands dirty, even on a balcony and, if you have kids, get them involved in playing outside. Having a lovely garden makes your home more appealing, if you are thinking of selling, according to Realtors and Home Inspectors
Watering  the soil, not the leaves – and not a fairy sprinkle but a long, slow drink is what is required to maintain good growth. Frequent, shallow watering encourages roots to grow towards the surface, making plants vulnerable in hot weather, especially lawns. Irrigate early in the morning on days when watering restrictions dictate “when”.

Grow as many vegetables as you can for you to enjoy the “fruits of your labour”. Nothing tastes better, for example, than a freshly-picked, ripe tomato, even from a container plant.
Harvest some fresh spearmint to make yourself a cup of refreshing mint tea, then sit back and take time to smell the flowers that you have planted either in the garden or on your deck/balcony.

Leave shallow containers (bowls, seashells, plant trays, etc.) around your garden for bees, butterflies, wasps and other beneficial insects. Be sure to add pebbles into the container so insects won’t drown while trying to drink. And refresh the water daily so that it doesn’t provide a breeding opportunity for mosquitoes.

Enjoy Summer, especially around your home.

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