Why Home Inspections are Important Notes from your Tri-Cities Home Inspector

 Why Home Inspections are Important   Notes from your Tri-Cities  Home Inspector

If you purchased a home, recently, in this volatile market, without a home inspection, you may find that you are regretting that decision. It has been mentioned on TV News  and maybe, even in the newspapers, that home inspections are being by-passed so that properties can be quickly purchased, often to the detriment of the new home- owners.  The Value in such a service is to know- ahead of time what you are actually buying, so as to NOT buy a money- pit.

As you get used to your new home, no matter what the age, even brand new, you may find defects that weren’t mentioned or noted on the contract or obvious on initial walk through,or maybe even cunningly concealed.  These would be what   a qualified, experienced Home Inspector would have found, using their knowledge, experience  and many specific tools, to uncover problems, obvious and especially those not obvious.crackedshinglesCracked Shingles

(May even show up in a brand new home)

The realtor may have advised you not to have an inspection or you decided it would either take too long or be too “costly” to have the inspection, as the bidding war for the property is getting heated, and you “waaant  it.”  This may be more costly after the fact.

If you chose not to have the home inspected, it is not too late!headache.2

Having an inspection after the purchase can help you determine the priorities for the defects that need to be repaired and upgraded for the comfort and safety for you and your family.


Main Beam Cut

(A safety Factor to be aware of.)


Did you check the age of the water heater?

This may happen shortly after you move in, if the water heater is beyond its typical “life span”.

For your safety, having a post- purchase Inspection may ease any “Buyer’s Remorse” anxiety that may be on your mind  and give you some peace to help you now Love your new home.

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