ATTIC HEALTH from your knowledgeable home and strata inspector.

ATTIC HEALTH from your knowledgeable home and strata inspector.

A healthy attic is something to strive for – to help keep your home and family healthy
Is your attic full of nasty but hidden problems?

Be aware that the attic is not meant for storage space , (townhome, house or sometimes even a condo). The added weight may loosen or dislodge connections on the roof trusses and cause a damaging burden on ceilings. Do not use attic / roof trusses as place on or from which to hang heavy items, for example a Kayak or boxes of books.

Many homes can have serious attic problems such as ‘critters’ (rodents,raccoons, etc.), flying insects nesting there, birds and even bats nesting inside. These pests can easily enter your living space if an opportunity presents itself and you’ll regret not pre-empting such a problem.

Dampness and resulting mold /rot can really become an issue when your attic is not sufficiently vented and /or if exhaust pipes are improperly ducted into the attic, instead of to the exterior.

attic.deep-freeze (2)

(Left) Moisture discharging improperly from a disconnected pipe has frozen into giant icicles during the winter. All we can say is “LOOK-OUT BELOW” when all this melts!

Insufficient insulation can also cause your home to lose heat. (Note: ‘critters’ love to disturb insulation and can really wreak havoc). A leaky roof can weaken the structure of your home! When is the last time YOUR attic was checked for problems which can affect your home’s health and that of your family?
Most folks understandably just don’t ever go into their attic (it can be dusty, dirty and outright scary for some people) – and any issues simply stay “out-of-sight and out-of-mind”. Also, attic access (the upper floor ceiling hatch, typically) can be difficult to reach in many homes, depending on where the access hatch has been placed. These access points are often poorly – located in a small bedroom closet and/or are obstructed by storage of clothing and other belongings.

A regular check of your attic – especially during or right after a heavy rain – can highlight the beginning of a roof-leak (deteriorated roof-covering or damage) and can also uncover other important issues such as were mentioned above…

Microsoft Word - ATTIC HEALTH.docDo you have unwanted conditions “up there”? If you cannot check your own attic or just don’t want to, consider a condition-check of that often overlooked space by a professional Home Inspector who knows the signs of problems which can really affect your home and family. An improperly-vented discharge from your furnace /boiler /water heater and any or all of your bathroom /kitchen /laundry exhaust systems can introduce many litres of damaging moisture per day into your attic, which can then condense , and cause SERIOUS problems if the entire space is not ventilated for drying out.

If you’re not sure what to look for, consider a Safety Condition Inspection by a professional Home Inspector.

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