Four reasons you may need a condition check performed on your home

There are many potential reasons to have a condition check performed. Whether it is something that will benefit you right now, or months and even years down the line, such a thorough check will save you time and money if done properly. Following is a deeper-dive into this valuable service, which we`ve mentioned recently.

Post-purchase condition checks

Due to the recent seller’s market we saw in British Columbia, many buyers were forced to purchase without performing a condition check if they wanted any chance of having their offer accepted. Although this puts the new homeowner in a difficult situation, and they may be losing sleep over it, it is not too late to have a thorough condition-check done after purchasing.

This check-up allows the new owner to properly assess the condition of their home, learn how thing work, what the repair/replacement priorities are and identify any underlying, urgent issues, so they can be addressed before they potentially turn into something serious and much more expensive.

Helping longtime homeowners assess the current condition of their property

If you have owned for more than just a few years, chances are you have not yet performed a condition-check since you first purchased. Many people own for decades and may become blind to things wrong or about to fail, so a condition check after 15 or 20 years of living in the home may be useful to identify those underlying issues we have addressed above.

There may be more going on than meets the eye, so hiring a professional to come do a thorough check, for both safety and peace of mind, may save you time and money by addressing something you would not have normally noticed.

Helping landlords when a tenant is moving out

A condition check can also be very useful for a landlord when a tenant moves out. This will give them peace of mind that the renters have left things in good shape and there are no underlying issues needing attention for the next occupancy.

Condition-check before any Litigation

If you are ever in a dispute with a contractor over renovations or other work done by someone else to your home/property, having a condition check performed by Glenn is essential if the matter cannot be easily settled and it goes to court. Sometimes, they may be telling you all is okay and it is time to pay up, but you are just not sure. This empowers you. The professional performing the check up will properly document any and all issues, which can, in turn, be used by your lawyer in court and would help to result in a positive outcome for you.


If you or someone you know is in a similar situation to the ones outlined above, or have any other need for a condition check, contact Glenn Duxbury at Duxbury & Associates today!

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