Ask the Inspector: Easing a client’s concerns over the purchase of their first home

Recently, a past client hired us in a state of panic. They had planned to move quickly into their first home when they suddenly realized the badly leaking toilet in the only bathroom in their brand-new condo was not going to be fixed in time.

We had already carefully explained that the proper fix was much more than just a new wax seal at the floor connection. It would also require removing four to six area floor tiles (unbroken – otherwise resulting in an entire new floor installation) and then sanitizing and drying-out the subfloor.

After that, the tiles would need to be reinstalled, grouted and the joints would need to be waterproofed, all before reinstalling that fixture.

They did not know what to do about it, picturing themselves having to beg the use of a neighbour’s bathroom or going down to the ground floor each time from their upper storey unit.

We were able to set their minds at rest when we explained we were able to offer additional quality assurance to ensure the repair/restoration work needed was done properly and completely before taking possession of their new home.

Glenn’s extensive knowledge, experience and ability to offer this added value to the client meant the sale of the home was not impeded by such a finding and did not result in the seller having to wait for another buyer, resulting in delays given this latent defect would now have to be disclosed.

Glenn’s knowledge and experience had turned worry lines into SMILES once again!

Glenn will assess the issue and make sure the repairs are done by a reliable contractor.  Empowered, they elected to proceed as intended.

If you find yourself or someone you know in a similar situation, or have any other home inspection or consulting needs, contact Glenn at Duxbury & Associates today!

About Glenn Duxbury

Duxbury & Associates Building Inspection and Consulting Ltd. has received the 2004 Douglas College Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the ‘Consulting’ category for persistence and pursuit of excellent service delivery to clients by providing very thorough and professional Inspection Reports and dedication to those involved in buying / selling / building / renovating and maintaining uncompromised customer focus.